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Prosperous Mindset - Prosperity Stone Set

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 Prosper Stone Set

"Feeling prosperous comes from within." The set comes as pictured with information card, green velvet pouch, and stones listed below.

  • Emerald

Emerald is known as a stone of luck, helping to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity to the user via it's creative energies of manifestation. Emerald encourages one to follow their dreams while providing good fortune and protection.

  • Garnet

Garnet activates other healing crystals and amplifies their effect and sharpens your perception of yourself and other people. ​Garnet also dissolves ingrained behavior patterns that are no longer serving your needs.

  • Golden Healer

Golden Healer is believed to keep bad energies away from you and shine light into the toughest of situations. Golden Healers help you reprogram yourself to release yourself of unhealthy habits and patterns.

  • Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a very positive crystal, very supportive of those who work with it, bringing strength during any trials in one's life. It has balancing properties which help one to move away from extremes, and into more equitable emotional and intellectual perspectives.

  • Prehnite

Prehnite encourages luck, serendipity and good fortune due to its high vibration. Prehnite is great when you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in life and need to get things flowing again.

  • Serpentine

Serpentine can be used to attract/manifest what you want into your life, abundance on all levels, prosperity, love, and healing. Serpentine aligns your intent with the Heart Chakra and loving energy.

  • Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz aids in overcoming financial troubles, fighting misfortunes, and is also helpful in maintaining an equilibrium between materialism and spirituality.

* Stones are a choking hazard, not recommended for children under five. 

* Stones will vary in shape and size.