Spiritual Colognes

Spiritual Colognes

Florida Water was debuted to the world by the New York City perfumer Robert I. Murray, now known as Lanman & Kemp, it was founded in 1808 at 313 Pearl St., in New York City.

Robert I Murray was joined by D.T. Lanman and the business was conducted under the firm name Murray & Lanman at Number 69 Water Street, in said city.  In 1835 the firm name was changed to David T. Lanman and co., and in 1861 to Lanman & Kemp.  The three successive firms last-named, remained in business at number 69 Water Street, New York City, until 1870 when the business moved to number 68 Williams St. in said city, where it remained until 1900 in which it moved to 135 Water St. New York City.

Continuously from the years 1861 to 1920, the business was conducted under the firm name of Lanman & Kemp, and in the last-named year, it was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, under the title of Lanman & Kemp. In 1957 because of increasing sales we the facility moved to 15 Grand Ave., Palisades Park, New Jersey and later on moved to 25 Woodland Ave., Westwood, New Jersey the present address of the company

Florida Water’s label depicting the Fountain of Youth was created by the famous French artist Du Maurier, and is still used today. Du Maurier was inspired by the Spaniard Juan Ponce de Leon who discovered Florida in 1512 while searching for the Fountain of Youth.

Victorian etiquette manuals warned women against using overpowering perfumes, but Florida Water was recommended as appropriate for all to wear and was referenced in the book Gone with the Wind “…. a book of poetry or an album or a small bottle of Florida water are the only things a lady may accept from a gentleman.” Although Florida Water has the same citrus basis as European Eau de colognes it emphasizes the notes of sweet orange. What makes it stand out from the rest are its multi-purpose uses, such as a body splash, refreshing addition to the bath.

We source our Spiritual Colognes from Lanman and Kemp. I took this from their website. In addition, these spiritual colognes aids in the cleansing of the house, body, and spirit. Thank you. 

Lanman & Kemp Barclay Co, Inc., hold the trademark and still manufacture the original Murray & Lanman Florida Water. The worldwide company has continued to have a strong market presence since 1808, celebrating over 211 years in the market.