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Elevated Metaphysical

Fire - Element Stone Set

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Fire Element stones promote Creativity, Sexuality, Joy and Purpose.  Use Fire Element stones to ignite a fire in your heart and vitality into your life.

Colors: Red, Orange, Pink

Garnet - The flash and fire of Garnet inspires a sense of lightness and brightness.  Garnet’s fire stimulates the survival instinct, bringing willpower and courage to a situation.

Rhodonite - Rhodonite helps to balance the emotions and calm nerves. Rhodonite is a protective stone that works with the Heart Chakra to attract love while grounding negative energies.

Rutilated Quartz - Rutilated Quartz puts off an exceptionally high level of energy, and is said to bring physical and mental balance and stability. Rutilated Quartz also enhances self-reliance and helps with decision-making.

Carnelian - Carnelian increases will-power, physical energy, courage, and boosts creativity. Wearing or carrying Carnelian can enhance vitality and will, providing higher energy needed when approaching new projects.

Red Jasper - Red Jasper is a stone of strength and vitality.  Use Red Jasper to bring insight that can help set and reach goals.

Tiger Eye - Tiger Eye is a stimulating stone that can support motivation and a more active sex drive.  Tiger Eye has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unaffected by emotions.

Each stone set will come with a pouch and info card.