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Elevated Crystal Cleanse Herbal Salt Mix

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Elevated Crystal Cleanse Herbal Salt Mix

Salt has been used throughout history to absorb unwanted energy and banish negativity.   A salt bowl in your home can help to neutralize any energies you may bring into the house or that is in your crystals. We always make our salt with intent and hope that you also put your intent in there. After all, you are the magic, we simply help. Place your hands in the salt and state what you wish for it to do. (Banish the spirits, clean the negative energy, etc.)  There are some crystals that should not be submerged in water or placed in the sunlight. We have created a powerful blend of herbs and salts for a damage-free way to cleanse your crystals and jewelry. 

Simply pour your mix into a bowl and place your crystals so they are submerged in the salt mix.  How long you keep them in the mix is up to you. It can be as simple as a quick dunk or you can leave them in overnight.  We recommend changing your salt bowl every two to three months, or when you feel it needs to be changed.  Some even place it in a mesh bag and use it as a ritual bath. 

Lavender is flagrantly pleasing and it is said to decrease anxiety and depression. Just overall lifting the mood. Also helping to cleanse and purify your crystals and home. Removing unwanted energies and hexes. 

Chamomile is used to attract money and wealth. It helps to keep the home protected from people who wish evil on you. Chamomile is known to help with relaxation and stress relief. 

Rosemary has been used for cleansing and purifying since ancient times.  It is strongly protective and purifying, helping to ward off evil influences and cleansing the atmosphere of bad energies.

Rose Petals bring beauty and love into the home. It is said that roses have the magical property to help in developing psychic knowledge and increase intuition.

Ther are some crystals that should not be cleansed in this mixture. We suggest holding the crystal above the bowl for a few seconds, placing them in a protective bag before putting in the salt or just another method. I added a picture to assist if you have any questions. The main way it will damage the crystals is by scratching the coating off. Please just use caution and your best judgement.

These crystals include 

Malachite, Aura of any kind,  and Cinnabrite. We will add more as we go. Thank you for understanding the learning curve. 

Ingredients: Salt, Flowers, Herbs  (lavender, salt, chamomile, rosemary,  rose, and others.)


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