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Elevated Metaphysical

Cinnabrite Tumble Stone

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Cinnabrite is an excellent stone for attraction and manifestation. It is considered the ‘Merchant’s Stone’ and  is useful in attracting prosperity for businesses and individuals, especially to those working towards the greater good of the universe. Cinnabrite also assists with your spiritually and making psychic connections. It is a combination of red and pink Epidote and Scapolite.

 *Like many powerful stones, cinnabarite has its dark side as well; it is in the sulfate family and the red sometimes contains mercury. It is usually sold polished, as this helps seal the poisonous possibilities. Nevertheless, handle cinnabarite with caution, washing your hands after use; do not make an elixir from it; do not let children play with it.

Chakras: Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Heart

Each stone will vary in size and range from 7-20 grams and 3/4-1 1/8".