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Elevated Metaphysical

Brown Zebra Jasper Tumbled Stone

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A comforting stone, Brown Zebra Jasper can help with both mental and physical issues.  Wearing Brown Zebra Jasper can help in relations with others throughout the day, especially in work situations.  It is also helpful to those recuperating from illness or trauma.

Working very slowly, Jaspers are thought to help people bring their ideas to fruition by enhancing determination.   When you want to perform higher spiritual work but stay earth connected (readers, mediums, healers), this is the stone to use.  Brown Zebra Jasper can help bring vitality into a lifeless period by supporting one's energy system.  

Chakras: Root (primary), Sacral (secondary) 

Each stone will vary in size but typically range from 7/8-1 1/4" and 7-15 grams.