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Elevated Metaphysical

Black Obsidian Rough Stone

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Black Obsidian is an opaque volcanic glass, whereas the translucent variety is called Apache Tears. Black Obsidian is sometimes known as the “wizard stone”, because it has been used in magical practices since  ancient times. It is a protective stone, often worn to guard against negativity, demanding people, hostile entities and geopathic stress.  Black Obsidian eases tension, especially in the home and can also protect against electromagnetic fields. 

Use Black Obsidian during meditation to find a creative way through problems. It is helpful in developing intuition and grounding you to the earth, releasing negative energies that result in restlessness, irritability and nervousness.  Place a piece of Black Obsidian near a nervous pets’ bed to help it feel less frightened and skittish. Black Obsidian is very helpful after trauma and abuse. 

Black Obsidian protects the user from hostility, negativity, psychic ‘vampires’ and spiritual entities. Black Obsidian offers release from tension and enables one to move forward in life with a more promising outlook.

Chakras: Root (primary)

Each stone will vary in size but typically range from 30-65mm and 20-50 grams.