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Elevated Metaphysical

Apache Tears Tumbled Stone

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A form of obsidian, Apache Tears are, black in color, and can be semi-transparent or translucent when polished and held up to the light.

The name, Apache Tears, is the result of a legend surrounding the grief of the wives and families of a group of Apache warriors who leaped to their death from a cliff after being surrounded and outnumbered in a battle with the U.S. cavalry in the 1870s.

Apache Tears are known for their ability to help with depression. Some believe that the Apache Tear has spiritual and healing power for those who possess an Apache Tear, they will never cry again because the Apache women cried enough for the one who holds the stone. 

Chakras: Root (primary)

Each stone will vary in size but typically range from 3/4"-1 3/4" and 10-30 grams.