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Mother's Day Gift Box Gift Set

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Treat Mom this Mother's Day with a beautifully curated self care set. We picked these items especially with your mom in mind. We will send your set wrapped up lovingly with a information card. This is perfect for the overworked and tired mom. Blessed be. 

Rose Cologne (4 oz)

Rose Cologne is a lovely rose scented fragrance that is used alone as a scent on the body.  Put into a spritzer as a room spray, or even as a liquid version of Rose Quartz - calling in energies of love, romance, self love and inner peace.  Add this lovely Rose Cologne to bath water to invite in sweet energies of harmony, elevating one's spirit and bringing about an aura of attraction.  Create your own ritual when using the Rose Cologne spiritual water. This Rose Cologne comes in a 4 oz. plastic bottle, made and bottled in the United States. 

Palo Santo (1 stick)

Palo Santo promotes and enhances healing, well being and all spiritual endeavors. While some smudging herbs are used solely to cleanse a space from negative energy and others are then used to attract positive energy, Palo Santo is rare in that it does both at the same time. Palo Santo’s spirit is often generous with its healing powers as its smoke enters the energy field of those it reaches to clear negative thoughts and misfortune. It is through the process of burning, much like smudging herbs and incense, that it releases the sacred wood’s oils that cleanse the space and people it comes into contact with, attracting positive energy, and even healing people on both physical and more subtle levels.

Light one end of the stick and blow out after a few seconds. You may need to relight. This can be used more than once. 

Chakra Sage (4")

When mixed with other herbs, White Sage makes a wonderful base for a custom smudging blend. These bundles are adorned with lovely and colorful rose petals in the colors of the seven Chakras. 

Eucalyptus Sage (4")

Eucalyptus is used in smudging for protection, health boosting as well as being energizing for cleansing.  Eucalyptus encourages emotional balance, strengthens concentration, stimulates blood flow and can encourage visions as it awakens the spirit. Combined with White Sage this custom smudge blend is sure to bring peace and harmony. 

Elevated Crystal Cleanse (1 oz)

Salt has been used to remove negative energies by many different cultures.  Place your salt in a bowl and put somewhere in your home.  Some people like to place it out near the hearth or in the kitchen.  Other people like to put it near the door that’s used most often. When you pass by it, use it as a cleanser of your energy.  Use the salt mix to cleanse you crystals by placing them in the bowl. You can push negative energy into the salt bowl, or touch the salt with your hands to ground any errant energy.

Rose Quartz (1 palm stone)

These Palm Stone, "pocket tranquilizers", use a form of reflexology or nerve pressure. Rubbing the smooth surface of the stone puts pressure on nerves within the thumb that may release endorphins, the brain's natural relaxants.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love - love of self, love of family, love of friends, and romantic love.

Druzy Quartz Geode 

Druzy Quartz holds all of the properties and benefits of Quartz, but is particularly beneficial for balancing as well as enhancing the energies. Quartz can help with self-exploration, patience and beginning new projects.  Druzy Quartz is used to increase one’s natural extrasensory perception abilities, helping with psychic awareness, telepathy and clairvoyance. This beautiful geode can be used as a ring holder or you can place on an altar or coffee table. 


*Size and shape of stones may vary 




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