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Elevated Metaphysical

Copal Incense Oaxaca Stick 5 Pack

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Copal Incense 5 Stick Pack.

Just saying the name brings peace. The Mayans and Aztecs used Copal as an offering to the Gods atop the Pyramids, other uses were cleansing, protection, among other spiritual ceremonies. Mayan Copal is one of the most iconic products from Mesoamerican culture that is still used today. “Copal” or “Pom”, its Mayan name, has been burned over thousands of years in ceremonies including cleanses, smudging, Day of the Dead, healing rituals, etc.

The smell is piney and sweet.  

During the Day of The Dead, Copal is burned to elevate prayers to god. By the grace of God and our Ancestors, we have a direct connection in Oaxaca for our premium Copal. You can be guaranteed it will meet your needs. Thank you for shopping with us. 

Each stick is approx 10" long with about 8" of copal. 

5 sticks per pack.

Made in Oaxaca