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Elevated Metaphysical

Blue Goldstone Cube Tumbled Stone Blue Sandstone

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Goldstone, or Sandstone, is a man-made glass infused with copper particles; the additions of cobalt, manganese or chromium result in the deep, shimmery Blue Goldstone.

The sparkles of Blue Goldstone are reminiscent of stars in the night sky, use Blue Goldstone to make a wish.  Keep a piece with your resume or at your work desk to increase job opportunities or better advancements in your career. Blue Goldstone is also a helpful aide for children who are afraid of the dark.
Physically, Blue Goldstone eases headaches/migraines, helps with eye ailments such as glaucoma or tunnel vision, and alleviates allergies derived from pet dander or dust.
Chakras: Throat (primary), Third Eye (secondary)

Each stone will vary in size but typically range from 15-25mm and 10-25 grams.